What happened to Spring?

Ostara, the Goddess of Spring

Ostara, the Goddess of Spring

The snow fell thick and heavy here at the foot of the Black Mountains. That was some time ago, but the snow is taking such a long time to melt and the icy North wind is cutting through all attempts to try and enjoy the great outdoors. So I retreated to the fireside and contemplated what had happened to the Spring. This is what I found…

I am met by my guide wearing a thick, heavy cloak. He pulls it close around him and leads me through a snowy, frosty landscape. I am on horseback and a little fox trots alongside us. Eventually we arrive at a cave. My guide enters and kindles a fire. He motions for me to come in and draw close to the fire.

‘Things are changing, Anna,’ he says. Do your best to survive this in whatever way you can. Stay in, keep warm, keep the fire burning. Toast your toes in front of the fire. Mother Nature is in mourning.’

I ask what has caused this and if there is anything I can do to make this better. He replies, ‘The bad and unkind deeds of greedy people are the cause. Kindle a light in your heart. Spread warmth and beauty. Be warm and open to people. Be giving and kind. Do not operate in the way that the greedy takers do.’

I get a sense that there is more to this that I am not being told about. My guide strokes my hair and says, ‘Oh wise, golden child, keep spreading Warmth, Beauty and Love in the world. It’s all that you can do. Keep warm, nourish yourself, nourish your child. Keep spreading Joy and Beauty. Turn your back on the greedy ones. Find ways round their policies. If we all do this, it takes away their power.

‘What of the earth?’ I ask. ‘When will Spring come back?’

‘Soon enough,’ is his reply. ‘The birds will soon be nesting in the hazel thickets and before long you’ll be eating strawberries again.’

‘The Goddess of Spring is in mourning. Keep doing what you can to celebrate her Light and Life. Put a picture of her on your altar and light a candle to her. Honour the light within each other. Make offerings to the Earth. Tune into the Divine Feminine. You are a Divine Spark.

The energy of Imbolc is still carrying on. We all need to kindle warmth in our hearts, to combat the cold. Shine your light in the darkness. The world is changing. Meditate to kindle the warmth of fire in your heart and then beam it out into the world.’

The Spring is a time for us to focus on the growth of the dreams we nurtured in the long winter months. They are ready to emerge now.