Over the Edge – a Mission to Gather Information from the Star People


I want to share a journey that I have long been guided to do, but hesitated over because, quite frankly, I wondered it was just a tad bonkers. So if you like things that are on the edge of bonkers and if you are interested in what the people of Orion, Sirius and the Leo constellation have to say about sacred warriorship, stepping into your sovereignty, stepping out of the matrix of patriarchal control and awakening your unique gifts to bring through technologies that will help us to live sustainably on earth, please read on.

I see myself in my place of beauty, high up on a ridge above a valley. I am standing under a tree and my horse is grazing nearby, a beautiful brown and white painted horse. Horse invites me up onto his back. Now we are riding fast with the wind in our hair. I have a sense of exhilaration. ‘Be ready for new adventures, Anna,’ says Horse.

This is a place of edginess. The valley just drops away to a starry night sky. My horse is saying, ‘Come on, let’s go for it!’ So we wheel around and we gallop towards the edge. He leaps and suddenly he has wings, like Pegasus. Now I am falling off his back, but I find that I have wings too, angel wings. I am flying through the starry night sky and there is someone flying alongside me. ‘I am Archangel Raziel,’ he says. ‘I heard your call. I have appointed myself as the guide that can help you translate the information that you require from the star people. It is your life’s mission to bring this information to the earth. Come with me.’ He holds my hand as we fly together.

Now we have landed on the moon and he says, ‘In order for you to do this, you have to raise your energy vibration enough to be able to move through the portals and to find the refined energy of the places where the energy is stored. So I am going to ask you to meet me heart-to-heart. You can expand your light body and raise your vibration until you meet mine. Then we will fly off together and you will see and perceive everything through my eyes, through my heart, through my consciousness and my intelligence. This will make it easier for you to understand.

So I stand opposite him. I kindle the light in my belly. I kindle the light in the base of my spine. I grow my light and my luminous body until it is as big as his field. ‘You are ready to merge with me,’ he says in a deep voice. ‘Merge with me now. Get your personality out of the way. Let the little Anna step aside and let the Anna that is the eternal soul being step forward and merge with me. We are going on our mission to the stars. First we go to the star at the centre of Orion’s belt.’ We zoom there faster than the speed of light and arrive at the portal and enter the centre of the star. We enter through the layers of light to the centre which is like a void.

I have a sense of many people, many beings, a warrior race, lion people, Orion people. They are beings who have human form, but with the heads of falcons, lions, bulls, rams.

Raziel says, “These are the warrior people – not warriors in terms of killing, but warriors in terms of being brave, fearless, out on the edge, people who will do things without being afraid of the consequences, to their little body’s and their little souls. That thinking does not exist here. You need to bring this consciousness down to the earth. This is the knowledge that you are an eternal being and if you brave up and step into your eternal soul, there is nothing that can harm you, nothing can destroy you.”

“You need to put aside the fear that has been put upon you as a race by beings that would benefit and gain from controlling you and controlling your resources. They are wounded in themselves. They have closed minds. They live in a kind of purgatory. You are not to be afraid of them. If anything, they are to be pitied, because they cannot move beyond this state of needing to control others. Whereas you humans have the possibility to evolve beyond this need to control others.”

“You do need to stand up for what is right. You need to defend those who cannot defend themselves, by standing up and speaking up for your beliefs. There are many of you that are doing this already.”

“You have made this step forward by unplugging yourself from the matrix of fear. You need to repeat this frequently and we ask you to teach this journey to others. Teach each of them to find their own guide who can help them with this. Teach them to find the warrior spirit within. Teach them how to connect with the Oneness of the Divine. When they are at one with the Divine, they will truly know that nothing can harm them and they will have no fear of standing up for themselves, speaking up for themselves. You can do this, by telling your story of how you healed your cancer naturally and gently without harmful interventions from orthodox medicine. This is a major step forward.”

“We are calling all to stand up to the patriarchy that is controlling your planet, calling men and women, calling the light workers. Teach them how to meditate and get in touch with the Oneness, how to connect with their inner strength, their inner warriorship and their eternal light beings that cannot be harmed by anything. You have seen this. You have felt this. You have lived in this, free of fear.”

“Part of standing up to the patriarchy involves speaking up to the creditors who offer you false money and tell you that you owe them, so much more than they lent. I am going to do some alchemy now to cut the ties that connect you to these companies.”

I (speaking as Anna now) see myself as a little mouse, attached to tendrils sent out by these companies that wrap around me. Raziel is unfurling them and taking the tendrils off me. It hurts when he pulls them off me. They are like barbs. It feels better to have them gone. In their place, Raziel showers me with golden coins. My aura is full of light. He showers my house with golden coins.

Raziel says, ‘You need to teach people about this – how to free themselves from debt, by unplugging from the matrix of control. Just see what happens now. Your soul is being renewed.’

I (Anna) see my light body being worked on. My light body has a shiny new coat which is impervious to the tendrils that would leach out my money.

Raziel says, ‘You will always have enough money, Anna. Trust that you will always have enough – always enough for what you want to do.’

The Lion People come forward with a big chest of money, saying, ‘This is for you to come to our Lion-hearted Leadership Academy. They shower it into my aura, packing it into my root chakra, getting me to stand in it and absorb the gold. The tell me to paint my toenails gold again.

Raziel tells me, ‘The time on Orion is ended now. We are going to Regulus.’ We zoom back out of the Orion star. We zoom towards Regulus. The lion of the Leo constellation lies in the sphinx position. We enter through doors in the lion’s chest into the heart star of the Leo constellation, Regulus. We are here with more Lion People.

‘What is your message,’ Raziel asks the Lion People.

The Lion People tell us this, ‘Each and every one of you must step into their own sovereignty and not be controlled by others. Each of you has their own unique gifts that you can bring to the world. These gifts will show you how to live more sustainably with the waters, with solar power that comes from the sun, with the winds of the earth, the waves of the earth. Every one of you has your own unique blueprint, that will let you work with the earth in this way, to allow you to bring through new technologies, new healing. You, Anna, need to help people come to this place, to awaken their gifts. Lead people on journeys to the heart star of the Leo constellation, to open their hearts and to receive their true gifts, their true calling. We are infusing yours into you now.’

I feel my heart chakra warming, opening, blazing with light – more open than it has ever been before, right through to my back, my shoulders and my angels wings. My heart star is blazing, just like Regulus. I bask in this light, in this ability to walk forward with an open heart.

Raziel says, ‘Last but not least, we are going to Sirius. The Lion People can take us there. You are in my heart and I will take you there, flanked on both sides by Lion People. We are off to Sirius now, to the Dog Star, to the Temple of the Dog People. They are the seekers and the trackers. Here we are, in the blinking of an eye.’

We are being welcomed by the beautiful people of Sirius. They are full of light and look like Anubis. The qualities that they impart are the qualities of seeking and tracking new information. They have the qualities of the dog, unconditional love, loyalty, the ability to defend those who need defending. The Dog People will lay their lives on the line for those who cannot defend themselves – just as a loyal dog would defend its beloved master. They work in community. They work as a team. They bring through these qualities for humans.

Raziel says, ‘Again, you can lead journeys for people to receive these qualities and these codings of light into their energy fields. So that they may work with the Dog Star people and embody those practices for themselves – their community living, laying down their lives for the greater whole. They are infusing you with these properties now. You will attract to yourself, people that can help you and support you in community to get these messages through. Now it is time to return. I will bring you back to the moon, where you will detach from me. Then you must return to earth and ground yourself. Call on dragon and serpent energy to ground you and then go and spend time in your garden.’

So Raziel brings me to the moon. I part from him and come back to myself, my own energy body. I thank him.

He says, ‘Thank you, Dear Anna, for being willing to undertake this mission. You will be blessed in your life for this work.’

I see him fly away and I am back on Pegasus, flying back to my home place in the mountains. We land. Our wings disappear. I dismount and feel myself standing back on the earth, grounded and home.

Wow! Mission accomplished and so much wisdom imparted by the Star People for me to ponder upon and act upon. I would love to hear your comments about this. Has anyone else had similar experiences?