About Me

Profile paradiseI am a Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher, Writer and Healer, inspired by Nature and the Natural World…

I have 25 years’ experience in helping people to live an empowered life on their soul path. Through Shamanic Journeying, I help people discover detailed and practical steps for their healing.

I bring a wide range of knowledge and deep intuition to my work with people, animals and the land, including homes and buildings. I love the tools that shamanism brings to my life, such as Shamanic Journeying, because I find it is such a brilliant way to get accurate, specific and practical information to help you with your life.

As well as shamanism, I also have many years’ experience in working with other alternative health and spiritual development techniques. My training includes Shiatsu, Dreamwork, Reiki, Kinesiology, Herbs and Homeopathy, and a range of meditation and yoga practices. So I bring the knowledge of all these other healing practices into my Shamanic work.

I am skilled at all the core practices of Shamanic Healing including,

  • shamanic journeying for life guidance,
  • energy body healing,
  • soul retrieval,
  • power animal retrieval,
  • ceremony,
  • extractions,
  • space clearing,
  • psychopomp and
  • working with plant and nature spirits.

Click here for more information on Shamanic Healing.

I have studied many aspects of shamanism and my teachers include Sandra Ingerman, Leo Rutherford, Robert Moss and John Perkins. My spiritual journey continues with much loving help from my spirit guides and power animals, who have always been my greatest teachers.

I am blessed to live in beautiful rural Herefordshire, between the Black Mountains and the River Wye. I enjoy a strong connection to the land and the cycles of the seasons, and find nourishment in my connection to Nature and the Natural World.

Creativity is a very important part of my life. I’m also a writer and editor with a published book and two more in the pipeline. And I find Shamanic Journeying a really helpful tool to bring through creative inspiration and ideas for my writing.

I am inspired by the beauty of this planet, its sacred places and all the evolving beings who walk, swim or fly upon its surface. The earth is a rare gem set in the diadem of the Cosmos and my shamanic work allows me to connect with all the beings in this wide Universe. I am in love with the rich diversity of creatures that inhabit it. My shamanic practice helps me to understand and connect more deeply with the beauty of nature and how my soul relates to the whole Cosmos.

I have a vision for a more beautiful world where all beings on this planet can live in harmony with each other. That is why it is my mission to teach as many people as possible about shamanic journeying and dreaming.

My Own Healing…

I am living proof that shamanic healing really works. I believe that we all have within us a sparkling jewel and it is our life’s task to uncover this beauty and to make it shine. Sometimes life knocks a big chip off that jewel. And then we need to polish off the rough edges to discover the perfection of our new shape. That has certainly been the case for me!

I have gone through a series of traumatic events, including a near death experience when giving birth to my daughter, two hip replacements in my early forties and healing myself from breast cancer without the use of any conventional medicine. I have come through all that, wiser and stronger, with my mental and physical health intact, thanks to the guidance and support I receive from my guides and power animals. And thanks to the insight I gain through journeying, dreaming and other forms of complementary health therapies such as kinesiology. You can read more about my healing journey here.

I offer one-to-one healing sessions, online via Skype or Zoom and in person in Herefordshire. I also offer trainings and workshops online and in Herefordshire.

To book a session or to discuss your needs,
Please call 0788 062 7108
or email anna@anna-bromley.com

You can find me on Facebook at



“Anna undertook a journey on my behalf to retrieve a lost soul part. She was able to identify and safely release the issue that had been frustrating my own attempts to heal and then retrieved not just one but two lost soul parts. She gave me two powerful practices to help me integrate them and to recognise the gifts that they bring. I am immensely grateful to Anna and her guides for bringing such a profound level of healing to an issue that has plagued me since birth.”

T.P. Bristol, UK.


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