Have Fun with Your Animal Guides: Children’s Woodland Adventure

Animal Guides

Calling all adventurous children to come and have fun with your animal friends and nature spirits. Meet your power animal in a woodland adventure in beautiful Camp Woods, Herefordshire. Find out what messages your animal helpers have for you, to help you have more joy and playfullness in your life. Learn how your animal friend can help and support you. Experience the woodland through the eyes of your animal helper. What does it look like, smell like, feel like, sound like to your animal friend? How can you use those skills to help you in your life?

Suitable for ages 10 and upwards.
Hosted by Anna Bromley and Hattie Duke.

Cost £15 per child.

Snacks and a drink will be provided. Please wear clothes and footwear suitable for being in the woodland. Bring a blanket, sheepskin or cushion for making your journeying spot comfortable. And a notepad and pens and pencils to write about or draw your animal friend or nature spirit.

To book, call 0788 062 7108 or email annabillbrom@yahoo.co.uk.

Anna has 20 years experience teaching adults and children shamanic journeying. She works as a shamanic healer and writer from her home in Herefordshire. For more information on her work see https://annabromleyshamanic.wordpress.com/

Hattie has worked with children and young people for 20 years, finding ways to give children more access to the outdoors and strengthening their bond with the natural world. She is a trained Steiner Waldorf Teacher, as well as a Forest School Leader. She also runs regular groups and camps to guide girls into womanhood. Visit www.firelight.org.uk for more information.

Next Dates

25 June, 2017   2-4pm

Camp Wood, Kerry’s Gate, HR2 0AQ