Shamanic Healing Sessions

Through Shamanic Journeying, I can help you discover detailed and practical steps for your life guidance and healing. We can clear and strengthen your energy field, and help you overcome your blocks to move forwards into your beautiful bright future.

Anna BromleyShamanism heals the spiritual cause of illness and disharmony. When we heal on a spiritual and energetic level, it can also have profound effects on our physical and emotional wellbeing.

In a one-to-one session, I will discuss with you the issue that is affecting you and what information you need or what you would like to bring into balance following the healing. We will set a strong intention for the journey. I will then undertake a shamanic journey and meet with my helping spirits who will give me information about the cause of the problem and how it can be remedied, with positive steps to help you move forward. My helping spirits may carry out energy healing for you and recommend practices or a ceremony to help you integrate the healing and bring its effects into full manifestation in your life.

I am trained in all the core healing methods of shamanism. These include:-

  • Shamanic Journeying for Life Guidance – to give you next steps on your Life Path,
  • Energy Body Healing – to strengthen your aura and balance your chakras,
  • Soul Retrieval – to bring back part of your essence or energy that left due to trauma,
  • Power Animal Retrieval – to connect you with a source of guidance and empowerment,
  • Ancestral Healing – to heal wounds passed down to you through your ancestral line,
  • Past Life Healing – to heal wounds brought through from previous incarnations,
  • Ceremony – to send your intentions out to the Universe,
  • Extractions – to clear energetic intrusions,
  • House healing – to ensure the energy is flowing harmoniously in your home and to remove any energetic blockages that may be hindering your health or well-being,
  • Psychopomp – to help lost spirits pass over to the light, and
  • Working with Plant and Nature Spirits.

See below for more information about Shamanism and Shamanic Journeying

Sessions generally last around an hour and a half.
The charge is £50 per session.

If you cannot get to my clinic in Herefordshire, the journey and healing can be performed by distance healing on Skype or Zoom. This is just as effective, as the helping spirits are working on the energetic plane.

I can also do one-to-one teaching, if you would like to learn to journey but cannot attend a workshop. Please enquire for charges.

To book a session or to discuss your needs,
Please call 0788 062 7108
or email


“Anna undertook a journey on my behalf to retrieve a lost soul part. She was able to identify and safely release the issue that had been frustrating my own attempts to heal and then retrieved not just one but two lost soul parts. She gave me two powerful practices to help me integrate them and to recognise the gifts that they bring. I am immensely grateful to Anna and her guides for bringing such a profound level of healing to an issue that has plagued me since birth.”

T.P. Bristol, UK

What is Shamanism?

The word “shaman” originated in Siberia as a term to describe a spiritual healer. A shaman is someone who accesses the unseen realms to get information and healing for themselves and others. The practice of shamanism is very widespread, with remarkable similarities between the practices of people as far apart as South AmericaCentral Europe and Australia. If we go far enough back, all our ancestors used shamanic practices. The Celts and Druids could be described as using shamanic practices.

Shamanism is a way of connecting with the spiritual realms in order to gain spiritual guidance and healing and to honour the Source of Creation. It is a spiritual practice which brings us closer to Nature and to the natural laws of the universe. It teaches us about the cycles of the seasons, the stars and the planets, and it teaches us about our place and purpose in this Universe.

Shamanism is a path to wisdom, not through intellectual rationalising, but through inner experience.

What is Shamanic Journeying?

The process of shamanic journeying is a very simple, yet extremely powerful technique which is practiced in one form or another by shamans all over the world.  In the technique of shamanic journeying, we use the rhythm of a drum to enter an altered state of consciousness, something like meditation, but perhaps a little deeper. The drum is known as the Shaman’s Horse, and we can ride it’s rhythm into the invisible realms, to discover knowledge and wisdom held in the universal consciousness or the spirit world – whichever term feels right for you.

We always set a strong intention for our journeys and call in the help of our guides and power animals to help us find and bring back information, healing and inspiration from the unseen realms.

Journeying is a way of finding answers to personal problems, getting healing, discovering information and wisdom that can facilitate our personal growth and development, and a way of meeting with our guides – our Power Animals and Spirit Teachers.