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Creating Your Beautiful Bright Future:
A Course in Shamanic Journeying

Finding Guidance to help Navigate these Challenging Times and Create Healing, Abundance and Empowerment for Ourselves and Humanity

A seven week course online via Zoom Coming Soon January 2021

Flying to the stars

We are living in extraordinary times, giving us a unique opportunity to reflect on the direction we want our lives to take.
Shamanic Journeying connects us directly with a source of guidance, healing and empowerment to help us navigate these challenging times and create a life of abundance, creativity and joy for ourselves and others. This course is designed to help you raise your consciousness and be part of the Great Awakening for humankind which will help us all to live in a more sustainable and loving world, which respects all life.

Week 1 Shamanic Journeying and Power Animals

In this week’s class we will learn how to do a shamanic journey and undertake a guided journey to meet and work with a power animal – a spirit helper who is like a trusted best friend, who loves, supports and guides us through life. Our power animals are waiting with wisdom and guidance to help us through this time.

I will give you practices to help you make a deep and lasting connection with your power animal so that you can bring their energy and guidance into your everyday life.

Week 2 Meeting our Spirit Guides and Getting Clear Guidance for our lives

This week we will deepen our practice of shamanic journeying and meet our spirit guide in human form. We will connect with our spirit guides to ask about our life purpose, to get guidance and direction that is practical and relevant to these challenging times we are living in. Our guides will support us to help us thrive and live a happy, fulfilled and abundant life.

Week 3 Immersing in the Love of the Universe: Meeting the Creator and Shining Our Light

This week we will make a very special journey to meet the Creative Power of the Universe and experience how much we are loved. We will learn a deeply healing technique which brings more light and love into our bodies and enables us to shine more brightly in our lives and to shine light for others.

Week 4 Journey through the Chakras

We will journey to each of the energy centres, blessing them for our better health as we go. We will meet an ally and receive a gift for each to help bring us into alignment and balance. This will help raise our energetic vibration to draw in more of what we want in life.

Week 5 Connecting with Our Creativity

We are all deeply creative beings. In this class we will find tools and guidance to help us express our creativity in ways which make our heart’s sing and fulfil the deepest wishes of the soul. We will journey with the intention of bringing through inspiration for our creative projects. We will have great fun this week journeying on the Magic Storytelling Bus and going to the Cave of Creativity with Mother Bear to meet our Young Bright Dreamer – the child in us who found imagination and creativity came as second nature.

Week 6 Meeting the Ancestors and Working with Your Blocks

This week we will connect with our ancestors, to help us integrate their gifts and wisdom and to send healing back through the family line to help heal ancestral wounds.

We will also look at what in our shadow holds us back from living the life we want. By bringing healing and integration to our shadow side, we bring greater wholeness to our lives.

Week 7 Creating Your Beautiful Bright Future

We will learn techniques using our journeying skills and meditation to hone our tool kit and create our ideal future. It will be so much fun journeying to the Cinema of Future Life Movies to create the movie of our Beautiful Bright Future of health, abundance and joy. We will also learn a technique that helps us focus our intention and send it out to the quantum field to create specific outcomes for our lives and for the world.

Course Content

• Classes will be live each Thursday. Each class will be recorded and sent out to you, so that you can listen again at your convenience.
• There will be live Q&A sessions each week for you to put your questions to me about how to deepen your practice and get great results from your journeying. These sessions will also be recorded for you, if you can’t make the live time.
• I will provide deepening practices, course materials and further reading lists to help you hone and integrate your learning between classes.
• There will be a course community group on Facebook where you can post your insights, ask me questions and interact with other students in the group.

Class Dates and Times

Coming Soon – January 2021 New Dates and Times TBA

Classes will be on Thursdays from 1.30 to 3pm UK time
(US Eastern time = 8.30am to 10am, Pacific time = 5.30am to 7am).

The first class is on Thursday October 15th and will run for 7 weeks through to November 26th.

Contact me to book your place or find out when the next course starts, via email, or text me on 0788 062 7108.

There is an event page on Facebook at

Course Fees

The early bird course fee is £140 until 8th October 2020.
The full course fee is £280.
A payment plan is available to pay in instalments.
Concessions are available for anyone affected financially by the COVID pandemic.
I am keen that everyone has access to this course, no matter their financial situation.
Scholarships will be available for a few individuals who are dedicated to doing this work but are experiencing extreme financial difficulties.

A Day’s Retreat – Chakra Dancing & Shamanic Journeying to Meet your Power Animal. With delicious food, relaxation & friendship

Dear beloved beings of light

Georgie Treasure and Anna Bromley are very excited to offer you a day of Chakra Dancing and Shamanic Journeying to meet your Power Animal.

930-430pm Brilley Village Hall, Saturday 23rd November 2019. £50

Chakra Dancing is a beautiful free-form dance in a very held safe space where no one is watching you and you are guided through the chakras with occasional guidance or suggestion in body moves to help you really dwell in each chakra. Everyone can do this. The dancing lasts for an hour and then we will do some deeply relaxing and insight-bringing Creative Meditation.

It will be a joyful, invigorating and freeing experience and incredible exercise, though you can dance at your own pace ALWAYS and the music becomes very slow and stilling in the higher chakras.

Shamanic Journeying to Meet Your Power Animal

“Our Power Animals are like a very special best friend – a wise, loving friend who is an inexhaustible source of support, encouragement, guidance, and unconditional love, to help us through life’s challenges.

Your Power Animal is unique to you. Every animal has its own special traits and abilities. By connecting with your Power Animal, you will be bringing in the qualities, skills, and talents that are exactly what you need in your life right now.

We will be learning the technique of shamanic journeying, using the rhythm of a drum to meet and journey with our power animals. We will be asking them for the guidance and wisdom that we need in our lives and we will find out what qualities they bring to support us at this time.

Then we will invite our Power Animals to dance with us and through us, so that we can really get to know them and embody their qualities. Are you ready to meet your new best friend? I am very excited to be introducing you to each other!”

The day promises to be fun, relaxed and spacious. It also includes breaks for a delicious lunch and snacks, yogi tea, relaxation and perhaps a little Kundalini yoga to warm up.

The cost is £50, which includes lunch, snacks and yogi tea.

To book please put yourself as ‘going’ on the Facebook event page and email You will then be sent further details and how to make payment.

Bring blankets, bare feet or trainers, a water bottle and everything you need to make a cosy place to lie down for the journeying and relaxation after the dancing. Bring a notebook and pen to record your journey and any other insights the day brings you.

Looking forward to joining you for this fun and relaxing day.

Love and light

Georgie and Anna

The Path of Soul

The Path of Soul: Shamanic Journeying to Manifest Higher Purpose

Next date: 1st and 2nd July 2017

Venue: Peterchurch, Herefordshire

Meet your Spirit Guides, Angels, Power Animals and Nature Spirits for a Celebration of Life. You will learn the skill of shamanic journeying to uncover your higher purpose and draw in support from your guides to help manifest it. The weekend will include setting up sacred space and a ceremony to send love and light to the world.

Click here for more info

Animal GuidesHave Fun with Your Animal Guides: Children’s Woodland Adventure

Next date: 25th June 2017

Venue: Camp Woods, Abbeydore, Herefordshire

An afternoon of woodland fun for children to meet and play with their animal guides and nature spirits in beautiful Camp Woods, Herefordshire. They will find what messages their animal helpers have and how that animal guide can help and support them.

Click here for more info

For more information about the workshops, how to book or where to stay, please contact me on 01981 550881 or 07880 627108 or email:

One-to-one Teaching

If you would like to learn to journey but cannot attend a course, I can teach you one-to-one. Please enquire for times and prices.

Shamanic Healing Sessions

Your healing session may include journeys to access spiritual guidance, power animal retrievals, extractions, soul retrieval or ceremonial work.

See here for more info.


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