Me drummingHello, I’m Anna Bromley,

A Shamanic Practitioner and
Teacher, Writer and Healer,
Inspired by Nature and the Natural World

I am here to help you live your best life of empowerment, abundance and joy.

Join me on my latest seven week online course:-

Creating Your Beautiful Bright Future, with Shamanic Journeying.

As the world is going through a paradigm shift, the human consciousness is evolving to the next level. Life as we know it is changing beyond recognition and at an incredibly fast pace.

Beyond all the chaos and challenges, there is a Golden Era of Peace, Love and Harmony waiting for us.

Now, more than ever, we need to stay centred and grounded, to connect to our highest guidance and to navigate beyond our blocks, to find a way forwards towards a better future for ourselves and the planet. It is my mission to help you with that.

Many souls have come here with a special purpose at this unique time in history. Are you going through a spiritual awakening? Are you already ‘awake’ and ready for the next level? I am here to assist you in this process. I can help you to:

  • Connect to your Soul’s Source of Guidance – your Spirit Guides and Power Animals
  • Align your Life with your Soul’s Purpose
  • Shift through the Blocks which have Held you Back
  • Let go of what No Longer Serves you, and
  • Create the kind of Future you want for Yourself and the World.

Join my online course:-

Creating Your Beautiful Bright Future, with Shamanic Journeying.

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We will build a beautiful group energy, going through this journey together, with the love and support of our guides and power animals.  And we will put in very practical steps to help you move towards a life of empowerment, abundance and joy.

OR  You can join me for a One-to-One healing session, where we will explore all these things, through Shamanic Journeying and Energy Work. These sessions are available as distance healing via Skype or Zoom.  Click Here, to find out more about Shamanic Guidance and Healing Sessions with me.

If you are feeling the calling, I am excited to work with you and I look forward to meeting you!

To book a session or to discuss your needs,
Please call 0788 062 7108
or email anna@anna-bromley.com

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“I love how the shamanic journeying course is so relevant to now, the current world events, but on a really personal level. I found it a great way of reconnecting with myself at this time, of grounding and connecting with the world. For me it is a deeply healing journey that is helping me to understand myself and my place in the world. I found this empowering at a time when it’s so easy to feel helpless.

I really appreciate Anna’s warmth and compassion. She is sensitive to others’ needs. Anna creates a safe space, even when doing this course online. Her feedback and ongoing support is fantastic. Thank you Anna.”

Angela Benton-Browne,
Herefordshire, UK

Robert Moss, internationally reknowned Teacher of Active Dreaming, speaking about my journeying abilities:-

Her journey to her soul country is ‘an extraordinarily beautiful and heart stirring narrative’. (She is) ‘a most gifted narrator and a world class visionary.’

About One-to-One Sessions:-

“I felt at home with Anna from the moment I stepped into her home for my first encounter with journeying. Though I was a complete beginner she made me feel completely at ease from the outset. During her journey for me to retrieve a spirit guide, I had joined her in what she was seeing and she was able to confirm this bringing much reassurance.

Her energy is so gentle yet wise and I have since been privy to some of her own journeys and every time they encourage me to delve deeper into my own journeying ability. I always want to hear of her journeys and would encourage anyone, experienced or not, to join her in her work for she has much to offer on so many levels. I am honoured to call her a soul sister!”

Caroline Mary, Wales