My Book – Wild Animals and Wedding Outfits

My first book, ‘Wild Animals and Wedding Outfits – a voyage of self-discovery around the world,’ is available from Amazon.

WIld Animals and Wedding Outfits

I come from a family of eccentric adventurers, but somehow managed to arrive at my mid-thirties having never been anywhere more exciting than a package holiday to Corfu. I longed to set off on a big adventure. All my life I had dreamed of seeing wild animals in their natural habitat, of exploring the Amazon jungle by canoe and of meeting tribes who worship strange gods and heal each other with folk medicine. But I worried that I wasn’t intrepid like my great grandmother. I really like my creature comforts and wondered whether it was really possible to have my big adventure and still find accommodation with an en-suite bathroom and luxury shampoo? Ideally I would need to meet a chivalrous knight, who would sweep me onto his charger and gallop off with me, having already booked the en-suite room and arranged for a sumptuous meal to be ready when we arrive at our destination.

Finally I met Bill, a curly-headed gardener from Somerset, with a laugh that turns heads and a huge enthusiasm for life. He helped me to stop procrastinating and to find the courage to go on that big adventure. En-route, we got into hilarious scrapes, had some spiritual revelations and made some lifelong friends on the way. It turned out to be a rite of passage for me. I finally felt like a proper grown up by the end of the trip and ready to take on the responsibilities of parenthood.

The book is a funny and touching account of our year’s travel together, whilst trying to organise our wedding long distance with my stalwart mother back home in England.

On our exciting journey you will get to find out what happened when:-

■We were chased by wild elephants in India
■We met the King of the Vedda tribe in Sri Lanka
■We had to escape the Maoist bombers of Nepal to see the Living Goddess Kumari in Kathmandu
■We trekked through the monsoon rainforests of Laos in search of the Akha tribe (with very poor bathroom facilities)
■We saw the pink river dolphins of the Amazon.
And finally, arriving home with our relationship miraculously still intact, we had the fairytale wedding that I had been longing for.

Monty Halls, star of BBC TV’s Great Escape Series says, “A whimsical tale that has at its heart a classic love story. Anna and Bill are the most amenable of travel companions, and by the final chapter you feel that you know them as friends through shared experiences on the long road. All truly good books provide some warmth in one’s life, and this one really is a glowing little ember.”

“Wild Animals and Wedding Outfits – a voyage of self-discovery around the world” is available Amazon, Barnes and Noble or direct from Author House as a paperback, hardback kindle or e-book. Hope you enjoy it.

Here is the link:-



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